Who is Mohamed Salah and how he arrived for Liverpool

Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghali, is an Egyptian international football player, playing in the right-wing with Liverpool in the Premier League and Egypt national football team was born in the city of Bassiouni on June 15, 1992 started playing football when he was young enough to complete his studies He joined the Arab Contractors Club to start his football career and participated in the games until the attention went to him where he was at the moment of meeting with the Swiss club Basel which he signed with him and this was the beginning of professionalism In Europe He had a great success with Basel; in the first season he managed to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League, but was unable to reach the final. However, Mohamed Salah starred and managed to win the league title with Basel, followed by European clubs’ performances, the most important of which were Chelsea and Liverpool. He finally decided to move to Chelsea to play for him from the beginning of the season, and Salah’s period with Chelsea was not a good match, as the club has a large number of outstanding players, so it was natural for Salah to face intense competition for a place in the squad. He then moved to Italian club Fiorentina in a deal that included Colombian player Juan Cordado to Chelsea. During his time with Fiorentina, Salah scored nine goals. During that period, he showed a strong performance, during which Salah showed high adaptability, and starred in many games, the most famous of which he played against the champions Juventus. Salah continued his career in the Italian stadiums, was a crucial element in the front line of the Rome team, and has become a member of the starting lineup that can not do without them at all. During his time with the team, he scored 33 goals. During the 2016/17 season, he was named the best player of the team in the Italian Serie A competition. Salah shone through, where he took the right-wing and led the team to shine in the Champions League and the English Premier League with a large number of goals. He tops the Premier League’s two goals in the first leg. If he maintains his ascending level, he is likely to achieve the top scorer title at the end of the season,
As for the Egyptian national team, he participated in many competitions. He won third place at the 2011 African Youth Championship and second place in the 2017 African Nations Championship
In 2013, he married Muhammad Salah and fathered his son called Mecca. His family commitment and love for his family and his righteousness are known to his parents. He is also known for his love of philanthropy, paying for a large number of philanthropic projects and supporting old players whose financial condition has worsened. He also participated in awareness-raising campaigns to alert high-risk drug use

Who is Mohamed Salah and how he arrived for Liverpool

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