A daily pill consisting of a combination of four drugs reduces heart attacks to a third

A daily pill consisting of a combination of four drugs reduces heart attacks to a third

The results of a medical study showed that the daily intake of a combination pill of four specific drugs can reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes by one third. The multi-contraceptive pill contains blood-thinning aspirin, cholesterol-lowering statins, and two other blood pressure-lowering medications. Researchers suggest that this pill should be given as a preventive treatment for all people over a certain age in poor countries, where treatment options for physicians are limited, as well as their ability to assess the health status of individuals. Smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise increase the risk of heart disease. The study, published in the weekly Lancet medical journal, covered more than 100 villages in Iran. About half of the people were given a daily pill, with advice on how to improve their lifestyle, while the other half received advice. Five years later, 202 cases of cardiovascular injury were recorded among the 3,421 people taking Pill daily. Professor Tom Marshall, from the University of Birmingham, told BBC News: “We have provided evidence from a developing or middle-income country, and this is the case of many countries. This is a strategy worth considering.” Dr. Nidal Sarraf said the drug had been shown to significantly lower bad cholesterol but had little effect on lowering blood pressure, given to people over 50 years of age, regardless of whether they had a previous heart problem. Zadakan, from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran, said that “given the idea of ​​a multi-contraceptive pill has been around since 2001, but it is the first time that large trials have been conducted to prove its effectiveness. According to the country, in the UK and other rich countries, doctors have enough time to determine patients’ needs assess their health status and a wide range of different drugs, such as statins, to choose from. P The drug is not licensed in the UK, and it will be difficult to obtain such a license in light of its laws. The British Heart Foundation says a third of Britons suffering from This means that the UK’s top priority is to detect the numbers of people who do not realize they have high cholesterol or high blood pressure and to help people with prescriptions with the required medications to take them as the correct “.

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