Conference on Cancer Prevention and Malignant Tumors in Berlin, Germany

Some points of interest:
1-       No oil reuse
2-       No milk of animal origin  (Nido.)
3-      No Maggie Cubes
4-      Not for the consumption of soft drinks (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
5-      No processed sugars
6-      No Microwave
7-      No, prenatal mammography but possible use of echomamaire
8-      Do not bras too tight or wear them after returning from work
9-      No alcohol
10-   Not to reheat frozen meals
11-   No, to save water in the refrigerator in plastic bottles…
12-   All pills are not good for you as they change the hormonal System of women and cause cancer.
13-   Deodorants are especially dangerous when used after shaving.
14-   Breastfeeding is less susceptible to cancer than formula milk.
15-   Cancer cells mainly eat sugar, all artificial sugar even brown.
16-   A cancer patient who abstains from sugar in his diet sees that his disease has declined and can live long: * Sugar = deadly enemy.
17-   A glass of beer remains 5 hours in the body, and during this time the system organs  operate idle because of this cup
Yes to:
 * Honey in reasonable quantities instead of sugar.
   *  Plant proteins like beans instead of meat.
   * Two glasses of water on an empty stomach before brushing teeth, when you wake up.
   * drinking from the water saved in the room that has the same room temperature.
   *  Unheated meals.
   * Anti Cancer Juice: Aloe vera + ginger + parsley + celery + bromaline (mid pineapple) Mix  
      and drink on an empty stomach.
 * Other anti-cancer juices: Corosol (seedless) + bromaline.
 * Eat raw or cooked carrots or juice every day.
 * The American Physicians Association has given answers to the cause of cancer;
 * Don’t drink tea in a plastic cup
 * Do not eat anything hot in a paper or plastic bag. Example: potatoes.
 * Do not use plastic in a microwave
Reminder: When the plastic is in contact with heat, this creates chemicals that can cause 52 types of cancer. *
* Avoid drinking coca-cola on a pineapple or after eating pineapple as a dessert. *
* Do not mix pineapple juice with Coca. *
   This mixture is fatal! *
People are dying there and mistakenly believe they were poisoned…. They were victims of their ignorance of this deadly cocktail!
Important health tips:
# Answer calls to the left ear.
# Do not take medicine with cold water….
# Do not eat heavy meals after 5 pm.
# Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
#  Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine or after meals.
# When the phone battery becomes low, do not answer the phone, because the radiation is 1000 times more powerful.

Conference on Cancer Prevention and Malignant Tumors in Berlin, Germany


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