3 steps to keep your files while installing Windows 10

Finally, the announcement of Windows 10 on Wednesday any yesterday you can follow this new system through this report, which we have already provided to you .. And in this topic we will discuss how to install Windows 10, but not as any installation, but a clean installation 100% without loss Your profiles and system settings, just follow some of the steps that we will explain in this post
3 steps to keep your files while installing Windows 10

Step 1: Back up all your profiles
It would be better if you brought an external hard drive and copy your files to that external drive in order to make the formate, because during the process of computerization may err and delete all your sensitive files so it is recommended that you back up your files, which will often be personal So keep it and put it in an external hard drive to avoid loss

Step 2: Install the system from scratch or upgrade from your current system to Windows 10
If you have an ISO version, you can install it from scratch on any computer, but this step should go through the first step above, but if you want to upgrade directly, there is no need to back up your files and programs

Step 3: Restore your personal files to your Windows 10 computer
If you installed the system from scratch, the next step will be to restore your favorite files and programs to your new system

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