The 7 strangest things that were auctioned on eBay’s website

 If you want something, no matter what it is, chances are you will find it on eBay, the largest and most important auctions in the world as well as being a leader in online auctions. You can find many exotic products and services on this site, and in this city, we will learn On some of what was offered on the site for sale!

1. The whole village

The 7 strangest things that were auctioned on eBay's website

Bridgeville is a small city in California, and because of the economic problems there abandoned by its inhabitants, and became free of residents, so the authorities decided to offer this village for sale at auction on the site “eBay”. It was sold for about $ 1.8 million!

2. What is the reason for our existence!

The 7 strangest things that were auctioned on eBay's website

The philosophical question in the heads of some people, especially non-Muslims, this question was used by someone on the site “eBay” to give us the answer through an auction. The seller, of course, claimed to have known the answer from an anonymous source and is willing to share this secret answer with anyone else for $ 3.26.

3. A loyal friend

 You can have many friends, but it’s hard to find one to share with you sweet and sour and good and bad times. But if you’re looking for someone, you can buy it on eBay. Only at the price of $ 1,500, you can get a friend and in who will help you at all times, strange that this friendship lasts only three months, but maybe you can negotiate in order to extend this period.

4. Cut original Hollywood sign

The 7 strangest things that were auctioned on eBay's website

Of course, we see the Hollywood brand in some movies as well as on television, this brand has become world-famous, and is found in the hills of the city of Los Angeles.When they decided to remove and replace a new one, they thought that you can make some money from these previous components, so it was displayed on eBay at a price It starts from $ 300,000 USD, and has already been sold for 450,000 dollars.

5. A piece of Mars

From the oddity displayed on this global site, a small piece of the red planet. This rare piece of Mars will be a treasure of space and astronomers, so more than $ 450,000 has been paid for.

6. A sandwich with a picture of the Virgin Mary

The 7 strangest things that were auctioned on eBay's website

Religion and its symbols are also exploited on this site, and their owners make important sums of money because someone is willing to pay anything for it, for example, a sandwich with a picture of the Virgin Mary!

7. Human dignity

It is said that everything has a price, except human dignity, but for money, there is someone who is willing to give up even on his dignity. She offered her dignity for sale on this site for $ 10; but the strange thing is that the buyer gets a paper that says “Karamati” and with a signature!

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