An astronomical event can see the planet Mercury from Earth November 11

An astronomical event can see the planet Mercury from Earth November 11

Astronomers and lovers of natural phenomena are waiting for a rare event within days, on November 11, when Mercury passes in front of the sun in an event that only recurs 13 times a century
Scientists will be able to look from the Earth at the rare event that will not happen again before 2032 and see the closest planets of the solar system to the sun
Mercury often orbits the Sun in different paths from Earth, so the small planet’s occurrence between Earth and the Sun is a rare astronomical event
In this case, Mercury is visible from the Earth as a small point, appearing as little as 0.5 percent of the size of the Sun

According to NASA, “the sky will provide an excellent display on November 11, when Mercury crosses in front of the sun,” where it can be seen from the Earth
“From our point of view on Earth, we can’t see Mercury and Venus intersecting in front of the sun. So it’s a rare event you won’t want to miss!”
Almost everywhere on Earth, humans will be able to follow the tiny black spot, slowly moving through the sun’s disk, but astronomers recommend using protective equipment so that the eyes do not get hurt
Unlike crossing Venus, where the planet appears large enough to be seen with the naked eye, Mercury is so small that you will need binoculars or a telescope with a sun filter to see it

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