Facebook help

 Facebook help

Warning to Facebook users of malicious software appeared during the past three days and spread heavily and the victim of a lot of users who have been tarnished by the image of posting porn clips on their personal accounts without their knowledge

The user is a victim of this software when they click on one of those clips to see a message asking him to update the program “Adobe Player” so that he can watch the clip, but will be surprised at the end of the lack of anything to watch and the software will then be able to control the publication of indecent clips on the profile The victim will even publish several other pamphlets in which friends are referred to in the clips, which will inevitably lead them to watch those pamphlets
You may have encountered many of these cases in the past few days and dangerous that the software is still working on the famous social networking site Facebook so far and reaps a lot of new victims daily, and this news warning users to fall victim to it

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